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can’t say no to an extra hour in the ball pit

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For $17,000 you could buy 566 noisy, uncomfortable, short-lasting inflatable bubble chairs.

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The truth behind Dashcon 2014… It all makes fucking sense!

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our lord jesus christ on the crest amen

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Okay I”m a little late on this one, but here’s some bloodyness, yeaah.

Sorry about totally not being quick with the updates X)
I procrastinated on posting this one a little but hope you guys like it~ 
I’ve got an alternate B&W version of this I might post later, for now I’ve settled on posting this full colored version though. C:  

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Kida Nedakh from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Cosplayer: Meevers Desu Cosplay [DA | FB]
Photographer: WeNeals [WW | TM | TW | FL]


this is lovely! <3

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important for any artist

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wtf did I just watch and listen to! I'm dying. That was a god damn masterpiece.

only the best twerk song since fuckin back that ass up by juvenile

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I meant to post this earlier, it’s pretty much my twerk song for the summer. it’s not the newest but poppin to this in crossplay is the goal rn.

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Hey there fellow Captchaloguers!!!
This Saturday (7/26/14) @ 4:13 PM E.S.T, we’re gonna be hosting a TinyChat Meet&Greet in celebration of over 1.5k followers aND to celebrate our Jade’s Birthday!! :)
A link for the designated chatroom will be provided when the streaming starts, so be sure to hold onto this post, or check the Captchalogue Kids Blog to access it! We will update this post with the official link!!
So reserve the date and time and come on out to see Jade, Dave, Jake, Feferi, and many more! AND THANKS FOR OUR FIRST K GUYS!!!<33

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Brother bear fuck i’ve lost control of my fucking life

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feferi and aradia being ladies who straighten each other’s hair and do silly troll hair styles with their horns

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Look at my new baby I named it Helios yaaaasss #photography #camera

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